Continuing Education Program in Dental Aesthetics- Module 5 with Prof. Didier Dietschi

Management of tooth wear, Restorative strategy

Speaker – Prof. Didier Dietschi

Price: 3000 EUR with VAT

Prof. Didier Dietschi 

Professional activities: * License in Dentistry, at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva: 1984. * Accomplishment of a thesis for the M.D. degree at the University of Geneva: 1988. * Accomplishment of a thesis for the PhD degree at the University of ACTA /Dept of Biomaterials) Amsterdam: 2003. * Accomplishment of a thesis for the Privat-Docent degree at the University of Geneva: 2004

Academic activities and positions, at the dental school of the University of Geneva: * From 1984 to 1986: full time assistant in the Department of Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics. * From 1986 to 1989: part-time clinical assistant in the Department of Periodontology. and part-time lecturer in the Department of Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics. * From 1989 : part-time senior lecturer in the Department of Cariology & Endodontics * From 10.1996 to 6.1998 : interim co-director, Department of Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics

Research topic: In vivo and in-vitro behaviour of adhesive restorations. Since 1995, works specifically on in-vitro fatigue tests of adhesive class II and post&core restorations: * Main clinical interests and academic graduate & post-graduate teaching: Adhesive and esthetic restorations, chemical and conservative treatments of discolorations. * Publications: Has published over 60 papers on clinical and scientific aspects of adhesive and aesthetic restorations. Co-authored the book “Adhesive Metal-free Restorations: current concepts for the esthetic * External teaching activity: Is lecturing nationally and internationally on aforementioned scientific and clinical topics. * Since 1989, maintains a part-time activity in a private office, dedicated to Restorative Aesthetic Dentistry, and Perio-Implant Dentistry.

Day 1:

– Indications of direct bonding in the Smile Frame
– The Natural Shading & Layering Concepts
– Shade selection
– Class III & IV: Normo-chromatic restorations
• Centripetal layering approach
• Linguo-buccal technique

Hands-on: mastering the «basics»
o Shade selection
o Free-hand mockup & Index
o Class IV with index, linguo-buccal layering
(normo-chromatic protocol)
o Monolaminar veneer (poly-chromatic) (Part I)


Day 2:
– 1D to 3D treatment planning for direct bonding
– Preparation and margin design for optimal
esthetic transition
– Matrix option & choice
– Effect shades – internal characterization
– Finishing & Polishing:
– Macro-anatomy: “4” steps & 3D technique
– Micro-anatomy: texture & polishing made simple

Hands-on: mastering layering
o Monolaminar veneer (poly-chromatic) (Part II)
o Peg-shape latera incisor build-up
o Primary anatomy / finishing
o Secondary anatomy / polishing


Day 3:
Hands-on: mastering form & texture
o Bi-laminar veneer and/or form corrections
o Advanced 3D finishing & polishing techniques

Course Conclusions


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    May 11 2023 - May 13 2023


    8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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