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Endo with Riccardo Tonini: Discover the “how” approach

About the Lecturer

Dr. Riccardo Tonini
Dr. Riccardo Tonini

What you will learn

1st Day theoretical part:

  • How to make a proper diagnosis in few steps
  • How to make the access cavity with a perfect Style
  • How to use ultrasounds in Endodontics
  • How to detect MB2 and missed canals
  • How use in the right way the manual files
  • How to classify rotary files
  • How to perform a mechanical glide path
  • How to avoid file breakages
  • How to follow the Step Down technique
  • How to choose root canal irrigants
  • How to clean in an efficient way avoiding errors
  • How to preserve and maintain the original anatomy
  • How clean Isthmus and challenging anatomies
  • How to gauge the apex
  • How to make the GP cone fit
  • How to apply the right amount of sealer
  • How to 3D fill the root canal system
  • How to use Bioceramic sealers
  • How to avoid flare up in the next days after root canal treatment

2nd Day theoretical part:

  • How to consider a treatment ineffective
  • How is a failed treatment diagnosed radiologically?How to perform irrigation in retreatments
  • How to select the most appropriate obturation techniques in retreatments
  • How to select most appropriate techniques for the removal of endocanalar materials
  • How technology can support a retreatment
  • How to manage iatrogenic errors
  • How to bypass or remove a broken file
  • How to manage wide apexes
  • How to manage Root resorptions


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May 31 - Jun 01 2024
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
1500 EUR, VAT Excluded
Blvd. Tsarigradsko shose 96, Ellipse Center fl. 12, Sofia, Bulgaria
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