How to Avoid Mistakes from Occlusal Type – Introduction Course with Dr. Chakalov and MDT Mariya Docheva


1. First theoretical part

Dr. Chakalov-How is the occlusion organized? Theories of ideal interdental contacts (Thomas, Lundeen, Poltz/Schultz, Le Gall).

How does jaw movement affect occlusal contacts? What is Immediate side shift and its relation to articulatory blockages?

Methods of registration of occlusal contacts. How to detect precontacts and articulation blocks.

Maria Docheva-What we need to know about the anatomy of the teeth and its relationship with their function.

Occlusal compass-concept for avoiding articulation blockages in direct and indirect restorations.

Dr. Chakalov – Central positions of the lower jaw and registration methods.

2. First practical part. Determination of contact points, tooth guides and compass of occlusion (on diagrams and models).

Determination of CPDM with different methods. Working with electronic tools for registration of occlusion – T-scan and Occlusense.

3. Second theoretical part Dr. Chakalov and M. Docheva – Articulators and facial arches – types, way of working.

4. Second practical part: Work with facial arch and articulator (demonstration and patient work).

5. Third theoretical part- How this knowledge can help us in difficult prosthetic cases such as raising and lowering the vertical size of the occlusion, planning selective filing in an articulator, patients with mild forms of TMD, etc.

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Apr 07 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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