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I. General Provisions

Please carefully read the General Terms and Conditions for registration at

The website is managed by "TERK" Ltd with EIK 206118979 and registered address:

Sofia, Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. 96.

If necessary, you can contact us using the following contacts:

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These general terms and conditions constitute an AGREEMENT between you and "TERK" Ltd, granting you the right to participate in events organized by "TERK" Ltd while adhering to the conditions below. These general terms and conditions are binding only in the relationship between you and "TERK" Ltd. By registering on the "TERK" Ltd website, you agree to be bound by these general terms and conditions and any subsequent changes to them, as well as undertake to comply with them.

II. Basic Concepts

In the context of these General Terms and Conditions, the listed concepts are used with the following meanings:

"USER" is any person using any of the website's services;

"SERVICE(s)" refers to everything offered by the courses organized by "TERK" Ltd: access to organized events for which you have made mandatory registration and paid a participation fee.

III. Copyright

All rights reserved. All intellectual property rights over information resources and materials during the courses are protected under the current Copyright and Related Rights Act, and their unauthorized use constitutes a violation of the law, resulting in civil, administrative, and criminal liability in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation.

IV. Confidentiality

"TERK" Ltd is the administrator of personal data, registered under the Personal Data Protection Act.

"TERK" Ltd undertakes to ensure the integrity of information containing personal data provided by users for their registration.

By registering on the website, the participant accepts the general conditions for participation in the courses.

V. Limitation of Liability

"TERK" Ltd does everything possible to provide accurate, true, and up-to-date information on the conduct of the courses, without excluding the possibility of incidental objective discrepancies or omissions. "TERK" Ltd is not responsible for the consequences, including any damage arising from or in any way related to the conduct of the courses. "TERK" Ltd is not responsible if a participant in an event organized by "TERK" Ltd does not attend or is prevented from attending.

The paid amount is not refundable but can be used for another event organized by the specified organization.

VI. Services Requiring Registration

"TERK" Ltd provides the right to access the halls where lectures, courses, and seminars organized by "TERK" Ltd take place, and certain services, subject to mandatory registration and payment of a participation fee. Access to the halls requires the issuance of a badge by the organizer "TERK" Ltd and the provision of identification.

VII. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

By the contractual relations between the parties regarding the services and training provided on its website, "TERK" Ltd. has the right to:
• Require the User to comply with all instructions related to the provided service or training;
• Be informed of all circumstances leading to the cancellation of the User's basis for participation in the training;
• Provide normal conditions for the events it organizes, including, if necessary, conducting initial training for the trainee before its commencement;
• Provide necessary training materials to the User.

According to the contractual relations between the parties concerning events and training, the User:
• Is notified at the beginning of the training about the conditions under which it will be conducted;
• Regularly attends the training;
• Informs the training organization in writing about all circumstances relevant to their participation in the training;
• Adheres to all instructions given in connection with the conduct of the training;
• Pays fees according to the "Prices" section of these General Terms and Conditions.

VIII. Termination of Relations

The parties have the right to terminate the agreed relations for attending an organized event or training as follows:

  • Upon expiration of its term;
  • If the User refuses to attend the event or complete the training;
  • In case of default by the User due to culpable non-compliance;
  • By the User exercising the right to cancel in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. 

IX. Registration for an Event

Users use the website of "TERK" Ltd. to register for a selected course, event, presentation, etc.
In case of impossibility to perform a certain service, "TERK" Ltd. reserves the right to refuse registration.
The User has the option to choose one or more services offered on the website of "TERK" Ltd.
Upon registration, the User receives an email confirmation that their registration has been accepted.

X. Refusal of Registration by "TERK" Ltd.

"TERK" Ltd. has the right to refuse registration with an incorrect User.
"TERK" Ltd. has the right to treat the User as incorrect in cases where:

The User violates these General Terms and Conditions;
Incorrect, arrogant, or rude behavior towards representatives of "TERK" Ltd. is observed;
System abuses by the User against "TERK" Ltd. are identified.

XI. Prices

The prices of the services offered are those indicated on the Merchant's website at the time of placing an order, except in cases of an obvious error.
"TERK" Ltd. reserves the right to change the prices of the services offered on the website at any time and without notice, and such changes will not affect already placed orders.
The Merchant may provide discounts for the services offered on the website, in accordance with Bulgarian legislation and rules defined by the Merchant.

XII. Payment

The right to participate in the seminar/training/course arises upon payment of the fee for the provided service

When the User returns a service with the right to a refund of the amount paid for any reason, the price subject to reimbursement is the amount actually paid by the user.
The User can pay for the ordered services by choosing one of the options listed on the website. The following methods of payment are possible on the website:

  • Bank transfer
  • With a credit or debit card

If the User chooses a payment method involving a third-party payment service provider, the User may be bound by the provisions and conditions and/or fees of such a third party, which are separate and independent of the services offered on the website and specified in these General Terms and Conditions.
The Merchant is not responsible if a payment method involving a third-party payment service provider is not available or otherwise does not function for reasons not attributable to the Merchant.

XIII. Terms of cancellation

    1. The user has the right to withdraw from participation in a course within a 14-day period, starting from the date of registration for the respective event, without stating a reason, without owing compensation or penalties, and without incurring expenses, except as provided by law, by sending a Statement via email. The Statement must specify the content and value of the paid service, the details of the person who placed the order, the name of the course, etc. The Statement is considered received if it is sent to:

    2. The withdrawal is confirmed by a Statement exercising the right of withdrawal, completed by the User and containing their name, address, date, and signature.

    3. Upon exercising the right of withdrawal, TERK EOOD sends the user a confirmation of receipt of their withdrawal - either by email or to the email address specified in the Statement exercising the right of withdrawal.

    4. In the event that the user has made a payment for participation in a specific event by credit card or bank transfer and has exercised their right to withdraw from the event, the corresponding amount will be refunded through a card transaction to the same card account of the user used for the payment or to the bank account specified in the Statement within 14 calendar days after receiving the written declaration of withdrawal.

XIV. Force Majeure Circumstances

We are not responsible for the impossibility of providing any of the services described in these General Terms and Conditions caused by an event beyond our reasonable control (hereinafter "force majeure event").
"Force majeure event" includes any action, event, occurrence, omission, or accident beyond our reasonable control.

XV. Changes

"TERK" Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to these General Terms and Conditions, as well as the Rules for participating in the courses at any time, by timely publishing these changes on the website, along with a notice of the changes in the General Terms and Conditions.
For all matters not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions, the current Bulgarian legislation applies.

"TERK" Ltd reserves the right to make changes to the topics/speakers in the event of unforeseen circumstances, without the need for prior notification. "TERK" Ltd does not owe any additional compensation in case of changes to the topics and/or speakers or cancellation of an event/course/seminar.

In the event of a seminar cancellation, the registered participant has the option to choose to participate in another course/seminar organized by the merchant up to the amount paid or to receive a full refund of the paid amount. "TERK" Ltd does not owe any additional compensation in case of changes to the topics and/or speakers or cancellation of an event/course/seminar.

Transferring the right to participate in a seminar/course/training from a representative of one practice/company to another representative of the same practice/company can be done at any time after sending an electronic notification to "TERK" Ltd.